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Electronic invoice presentment and payments for your buyer and seller partners

Buyer & Seller Onboarding

Enroll your customers buyer and seller partners online or realtime sync the profile data from your back office systems. Entitlements for buyer and seller users set up shall be delegated to the corporate administrator or set up at the middle office.

Program Management

Setting up customised programs for your customers, settling up program level limits and bring the customers buyers and sellers to form a network with relationship level limits.

Enquire and get notified on the program level limits allocated, utilized and available along with the buyer and seller limits dashboards.

Product catalogs

Sellers shall set up their products SKU, pricing information, grouping or classify and lists them available for the buyers to enquire, browse and place orders. Realtime price updates facilitates accurate budgeting of receivables and payables.


Collaborate and exchange the request for quotes to multiple suppliers and review the quotations received from them to place purchase orders.

Purchase Orders

Raise purchase orders from the quotes or standalone to the supplier with the product catalog items. Customised approvals of acceptance from suppliers or through straight through processing


Digitally the invoices of accepted purchase orders received by the customers and available for settlements. Buyers can register single invoice or upload through the files to be batched to the suppliers for acceptance.

Approved invoices is selectively available for discounting or financing.

Recurring and milestone based invoices supported for fixed and variable contracts needs.

Offers & Discounting

Onboarded sellers shall set up offers based on their cashflow positions and with the custom rules, the offers made available only for selective suppliers or for all.

Suppliers shall opt for discounting of invoices based on the offer to balance their workflow positions. Buyers shall go for financing to make the settlements on time


Buyers process the accepted invoice settlements as straight through processing or set up the payments as and when required to clear the dues. Auto settlement requests raised for recurring and milestone based invoices.

Buyers shall have an option to update the buyers for offline settlements, payment gateways or through ACH mandates.


Every organization or a customer onboarded into the system shall have a dedicated workspaces to communicate and collaborate with their counterparts. Unlimited options to collaborate through service requests, disputes, complaints and queries.

Alert notifications rules to trigger notifications and notify the other party if the correspondence gets updated or ony state changes