Fingress lending portals helps the SME clients and corporates to digitally connect with their funding providers for finance and working capital finance needs

Lending Services

Non banking financial services offered to your retail, SME and corporate clients and get an edge over your competitors


Digitize and automate onboarding your customers and customer partners for activations, registrations and transaction based service requests for payments, limit and collateral enquiry.


Build and deploy your customizable lending approval flows, integration data pipelines and business process slows when multiple stages and steps involved. Customers mandates and board resolutions can be set up and enforce the strict compliance while processing the invoices submitted for discounting or financing.


Connect with your customers through service requests, disputs and queries through comprehensive case management. Customers notified with missed or overdue of their loan repayments.

Actionable insights & foresights

Loans, term deposits, collateral linking and limit utilisation KPI & metrics to provide data insights and foresights.